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1964 Born in Duisburg, Germany. 1982-1984 Studies of Visual Communication in Krefeld, Germany. Major in figurative drawing.1984-1989 Studies of Fashion Design in Hamburg, Germany. Graduated with honors.1984-1994 Founded art association "Lupa". Independent conceptions of new bodyworlds. Perfomances in various museums within Europe. Group was the first price winner of Euro-Design Pyramid, Basel, Switzerland 1994-2002 Costume and set designer for German TV productions. 1997-2001 Studies oil painting with Prof. Wolf Seesselberg (Art Academy Hamburg). 2002-2004 Independant Artist. Moved to Saint Martin. Founder of Nocoart.

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Norma Trimborn Gallery


1960-1982Born and growing up in Germany, she learned the basics of painting. She studied color theory and composition at the Art School in Duesseldorf.1983-1986 People's Republic of China She studied the art of the brush with Master Wang Min Ping and Master Shu Ming at the University of Nanjing. 1987-2001 USA She studied with Mr. Rocky Hawkins in Santa Fee, NM, Ms. Mina Rabbini, Great Neck, New York and Mr. Charly Pasqualina in Roslyn, Long Island.

2001 up to now In 2001 Norma moved her studio to Saint Martin. Since then she is a well-known independant artist in the Eastern Caribbean. Founder of Nocoart.

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